The Darkness

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Is it possible to develop a sense of style?

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So many times I’ve heard something like “I have no sense of style; otherwise I could become cool fashion designer/illustrator/make-up artist..”. It is fair to everyone else “if“, which people are used to tell themselves: If  I had enough time If  I had enough money If  I had talent and luck Forget about all these “if”. It is absolutely possible to develop a sense of style and to be honest, it is possible to achieve almost everything you want, except travel in outer space may be. I do not want to sound like hundreds of books on motivation, but you should believe in yourself. It can be crucial in such a competitive industry like fashion. I’ve seen before lots of advice like “read a lot of glossy magazines, try to copy their style and later on you will be able to create good looks by yourself”. I’m totally disagreed. It looks like a simple way,...

To be a fashion designer: Do fashion designers have to know how to sew?

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During my time in this industry, I’ve seen this question many times. And if you have the same, it can be caused by 2 reasons: You hope to go the easy way; You are afraid that you won’t be able to learn how to sew; In the first case, perhaps you need to think if designing garments is really important for you. To follow the easy way is the best way to destroy self-development. Now for the second case, it is completely normal to be afraid of something new and unfamiliar. Let me put you at ease, learning to sew will come easier than you think. In a learning process of fashion, when you come to a successful design (a sketch, for example), you definitely would desire to see your designs come to life. It can be a very strong motivation, and once you would want it, nothing will stop you from start sewing. In conclusion, yes, fashion designers must know how to sew and it is important.   I want...

To be a fashion designer: for those who want to, but have doubts.

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With this post, I start a new series of articles for beginners and even for those who are just thinking about joining fashion. There are so many small details that seem obvious for experienced designers, but can be a stumbling block for beginners, and I want to share these details. My goal is to inspire and give confidence to people who want to join this industry. Very often for some reason, if young men ask these questions “Can I become a fashion designer?” or, “How can I become a fashion designer?” they receive the same answer. Before we point this out, I want to tell you short story: I wanted to get a dog, it specifically had to be a Husky. I dreamed about these wolf-like dogs so much! So, I started to look for any information about dogs, dog training, and breeds. Once I learned it all, I found a local forum of breeders and owners of Huskies. Someone had...

Inspiration Quote #1

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Clothes are like a canvas for creating image and story, I love when this story is true, honest but dramatic in a good way.

Snezhana Gross, 2012


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Fashion designer, lecturer and teacher. Involved in the process of improvement of the fashion design in St. Petersburg, Russia. Uses innovative techniques, takes inspiration from literature, modern architecture, art and Japanese culture. One of the main goal as a specialist in the field of fashion is a promotion of high technology in the fashion industry.  

Inspiration Quote #2

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Design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service.

Steve J.

“Sea and City” collection

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I’m glad to introduce my mini-collection with this beautiful photoshoot. The leitmotif of this collection is a brilliant study in the comparison of textures and how they elegantly mingle across the beauty of the human form. Traditional earthy and smooth fabrics are combined with the weightless, flowing chiffon to invoke the forces of nature inside the city like that of a tiger sauntering down a busy sidewalk. The brilliant sheen of metal combined with matte cotton and wool, heavily influenced by the minimalist Japanese approach to contrast and lighting, draws attention and warmth in equal amounts. The woman entranced by these designs is the same that would be attracted to the lavish noise of the boulevards with the same gusto as she would walk along a deserted beach. The lights of the city captivate and enthrall her much the same as the press of soft, wet stones across the heels...